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4491 trainers in 881 cities

Aerobics is exercise performed typically in group, but can be performed alone, in which music is played to increase your flexibility, muscularity, and cardiovascular muscle using the rhythm of the music being played
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Featuring: Scott Winters, ACSM-cPT, ISSN-SNS from Jacksonville, FL 32207-3295


Athletic / Sports Centers

48 trainers in 5 cities

Athletic and sports centers are facilities in which specific or multiple sports can be performed or trained for in
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Featuring: UFC Gym Springfield from 131 S State Rd Springfield Township Delaware County,PA 19064

Back Pain

844 trainers in 386 cities

Back Pain is broken down into four types or areas, Cervical which is the uppermost part of the spine, followed by Thoracic, which is the biggest and centered part of the spine, underneath the Thoracic is the Lumbar area of the back, which is the lower part closest to the hips, finally followed by the Sacral Spine, which is the bottom curve of the end part of the spine
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Featuring: Cynthia Marshall from Camby, IN 46113

Back Pain Prevention / Post Rehab

20 trainers in 7 cities

Back Pain Prevention/Post Rehab Refers to qualified professionals that can help prevent any further pain you may be experiencing in your back or prevent it completely
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Featuring: Zuzana Light from california


183 trainers in 119 cities

Baseball, or America’s Pastime, is a game which involves a bat and ball where players take turns using the bat to hit the ball to gain position on bases, which are stations of safety from being outed or eliminated from play, in order to score by passing and touching each base until you reach home plate, the base at which you began
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Featuring: Brian Harris from Glastonbury, CT 6032



2 trainers in 2 cities

Bicycling is the use of bicycles for exercise, sport, recreation, and transportation
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768


470 trainers in 256 cities

Biomechanics is the study of how biological systems are structured and function inside the human body
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Featuring: Scott Larkin from Auburn, AL 36832



1 trainer in 1 city

BMX, or bicycle motocross, is bicycle sport performed on a specific type of bike known as a BMX
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768


Body Leverage

1220 trainers in 502 cities

Body Leverage training is the use of body leverage in order to target your core from all angles and directions
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768


Body Weight Training

6 trainers in 1 city

Body Weight training is perfect for anyone, it simply involves you! Using your muscles to exercise in a form of resistance training that only uses your body weight, Body Weight Training can be performed nearly anywhere
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768


1276 trainers in 478 cities

Bodybuilding is the art of using resistance training to mold and sculpt your body in its most muscular form
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Featuring: Kurt Gillon from Atlanta, GA 30312

Boot Camps

1197 trainers in 487 cities

Boot Camps are a military inspired physical exercise training program
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Featuring: Scott Heffner from Overland Park, KS 66213


591 trainers in 287 cities

Boxing is a sport where two individuals are placed in a roped ring wearing gloves throwing punches at one another in order to weaken and knock down their opponent
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Featuring: Alexandra Wilson from CANTON, GA 30114-9767


Cardio Workouts

2055 trainers in 410 cities

Cardio Workouts are workouts designed by qualified professional trainers to achieve a state of overall health, fitness, and wellbeing by challenging your cardiovascular muscle
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768

Circuit Training

1630 trainers in 570 cities

Circuit Training is an exercise program that uses high intensity aerobics and resistance training to strengthen and build muscles and endurance
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Featuring: Kelli Clay from ,

Michaels, Carol09366 Final

Continuing Education

1 trainer in 1 city

A Continuing Education program is one that’s hosted at a college or university but does not count towards credits at the host site
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Featuring: Carol Michaels Fitness from 15 Luth Terrace West Orange, New Jersey, USA

Core Training

1987 trainers in 663 cities

Core Training is exercise directed on achieving results in the Core or middle part of your body
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Featuring: Stacie Mountain from bentonville, AR 72712


466 trainers in 148 cities

Crossfit is a brand of fitness that uses High Intensity Interval Training, Weightlifting, Plyometrics, Calisthenics, and Gymnastics
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Featuring: Gina Florido from Clearwater, FL 33756


582 trainers in 301 cities

Cycling is a form of exercise which is performed with the use of a bicycle
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Featuring: Rebecca Stokes from Carbondale, CO 81623

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