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Diet and Nutrition

218 trainers in 18 cities

Diet and Nutrition refers to the food you consume consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals
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Featuring: Kate Hendricks from Tuscaloosa, AL 35406


1 trainer in 888 cities

A Dietitian is a professional which designs diet plans specifically and personally to each of their clients in order to achieve a state of overall fitness, health and well being
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23 trainers in 23 cities

Diving is a sport where individuals leap into water off of a board, while focusing on form and execution
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Featuring: Sherri Britt from Los Osos, CA 93402-3237

Executive Fitness

2179 trainers in 312 cities

Executive Fitness is a fitness program designed for Executives and employees in the same company to promote overall, health fitness, and wellbeing while also promoting healthy workplace relationships and better production
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Featuring: Ashley C. Fleming from Bloomington Indiana 47401

Fat Loss

3348 trainers in 747 cities

Fat Loss is something most people aim to accomplish with exercise and also represents a state of overall fitness, health, and well-being, Fat Loss refers to the depletion of fat in the body through any type of exercise
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Featuring: Delf Enriquez from Studio City, CA 91604

Fitness Education

2261 trainers in 639 cities

Fitness Education can be found in privately run organizations as well as colleges, universities and accredited academies
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Featuring: Aaron Varcasio from Arvada, CO 80003


Fitness Gyms

389 trainers in 29 cities

Fitness Gyms are facilities that contain a wide range of equipment used by individuals to achieve states of health, wellbeing, and fitness

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Featuring: Powerhouse Gym Center Moriches from 15 Frowein Rd Center Moriches,NY 11934


292 trainers in 171 cities

Football is an American sport where two teams compete in a game with a brown oval ball played on a field divided into four quarters
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Featuring: Alan Ashley from Pasadena, CA 91107

General Fitness

6647 trainers in 2479 cities

General Fitness refers to the broadest spectrum of any type of physical activity or exercise performed by an individual to gain a better state of health, higher level of fitness, and and overall wellbeing
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Featuring: Kate Hendricks from Tuscaloosa, AL 35406


230 trainers in 146 cities

Golf is a sport which is performed by an individual or in teams, played on an outdoor course Golf involves the hitting of small balls off of a tee with the use of iron clubs
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Featuring: Michele Roscoe from Flint, MI 48507-2402

Group Exercise

1919 trainers in 647 cities

Group Exercise is physical activity performed by multiple persons in the same area for the achieve gains in health and fitness
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Featuring: Nancy Hammett from Milford, CT 6460


2 trainers in 1 city

Gymnastics is a sport and physical activity where and individual performs acrobatic exercises and movements that require balance, control and flexibility over or with the use of equipment
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Featuring: Brittney Kindle from Canton, GA 30114


Health Stores

1 trainer in 1 city

A Health Store is a market that stocks organic food and produce that is healthier
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Featuring: Bio Functional Med from 8360 Six Forks Rd Suite #203 Raleigh, NC 27604


71 trainers in 66 cities

Hockey is an ice sport where two teams wearing skates and holding a specially designed sticks play against each other with the purpose of getting a cylindrical puck into the opposite team’s net
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Featuring: Julie Ashlock from Valrico, FL 33596



1 trainer in 1 city

Holistic refers to a form of medicine, health, or therapy where the individual being treated is focused on as whole entity rather than just a specific area or ailment
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Featuring: Jarred Mussen from Gainesville, FL 32608

Ice Skating

43 trainers in 38 cities

Ice Skating is a physical activity where an individual will wear ice skates to move across a surface comprised of ice
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Featuring: Michelle Reiter from Studio City, CA 91604

Injury Prevention

2589 trainers in 642 cities

Injury Prevention refers to practice and training designed to prevent and lower the risk and lower the level of injury
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Featuring: Andrea Barkley from Phoenix, AZ 85018

Injury Recovery

587 trainers in 309 cities

Injury Recovery refers to training methods and strategies or foods which are used to help an individual recovery from an injury
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Featuring: Luis Echeverry from Tampa, FL 33605-5223

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