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622 trainers in 310 cities

Jogging is a slow paced run for leisure or recreation which enhances levels of fitness, health and wellbeing
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Featuring: Michelle Reiter from Studio City, CA 91604


744 trainers in 339 cities

Kettlebells are steel ball weights designed with a steel grip on them to perform strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise
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Featuring: Philippe Ray from Lakewood, CO 80401


3261 trainers in 655 cities

Kickboxing is a martial art and combat sport that involves two opponents standing using their legs and fists to attack their opponent and defend themselves
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Featuring: Megan Lusardi from Boulder, CO 80301-1122


Kid's Fitness

364 trainers in 82 cities

Kid’s Fitness refers to fitness programs designed for children and adolescents in order to help them begin an early start on developing healthy habits while increasing overall health, fitness and wellbeing
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768


315 trainers in 54 cities

Kinesiology is the study of humans’ movement and their physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms
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Featuring: Kimberly Spivack Ph.D from 9131 Aldershot Drive Bethesda Maryland 20817


51 trainers in 39 cities

Lacrosse is a contact sport played on a field by both men and women, in different leagues, where two teams equipped with sticks with netted heads capture a midsize ball and aim to score on the opposing teams net
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Featuring: Mike Laiuppa from West Simsbury, CT 6092

Lifestyle Coaching

339 trainers in 93 cities

Lifestyle Coaching refers to a professional who helps individuals in making personal changes in their own life in order to achieve goals the client is aiming to make
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Featuring: Miriam Wasmund from 111 Lawrence St. #21F Brooklyn New York 11201


96 trainers in 78 cities

Massage is therapeutic act performed by one person on to another with the use of touch
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Featuring: Joy Balsam from Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Men's Fitness

244 trainers in 54 cities

Men’s Fitness refers to training programs designed to benefit males specifically

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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768

Mind & Body

677 trainers in 350 cities

Mind & Body refers to how one’s mental state play a direct effect on physical state
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Featuring: Delf Enriquez from Studio City, CA 91604

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

141 trainers in 94 cities

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport in which two opponents battle using a repertoire of different forms of Martial Arts and other combat techniques
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Featuring: Renee Max from 6203 E PEABODY ST LONG BEACH California 90808-2826

Muay Thai

2 trainers in 0 cities

Muay Thai is a combat sport that comes from Thailand involving two opponents who are in standing position using striking and clinching techniques in order to defeat the other opponent
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Featuring: Renee Max from 6203 E PEABODY ST LONG BEACH California 90808-2826


Muscle Building

3 trainers in 1 city

Muscle Building is the process of burning fat and increasing muscle mass on ones body through exercise and weightlifting
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768


1895 trainers in 293 cities

Nutrition is the study of food’s nutrients and chemical components and the interaction within the body to affect health and disease
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Featuring: Caleb Chiu from 2136 Mesa Verde Drive Milpitas California 95035


6 trainers in 1 city

Pilates is an exercise that improves strength, balance, and flexibility of the body by nonimpact exercises, stretching, and breathing techniques
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Featuring: Karen A. Polon - Cottey College from 1000 W. Austin Nevada Missouri 64772


1698 trainers in 496 cities

Plyometrics is high-intensity exercise in which muscles exerting at maximum force for short period of time creating an explosive movement that increase muscle power
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Featuring: Andrea Barkley from Phoenix, AZ 85018

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