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247 trainers in 51 cities

Qigong is a holistic system of health and a gentle exercise that combines meditation, body postures, and breathing techniques to allow for higher self-awareness
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Featuring: Erin Scott - SillyFit Inc. from Fairhope Alabama 36532


2026 trainers in 465 cities

Rehabilitation is the treatment designed to restore normal or good function that was impaired after an illness or injury
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Featuring: Mike Hardy from Cumming, GA 30041-6523


112 trainers in 95 cities

Rowing is a sport in which participants use oars to propel a boat through water
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Featuring: Julia Wells from Branford, CT 6405


910 trainers in 413 cities

Running is a physical activity in which people move rapidly on foot and is very beneficial to health
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Featuring: Fallon Mackey from Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Senior Fitness

1439 trainers in 242 cities

Senior Fitness refers to exercise and health programs designed for senior citizens to improve physical activity, fitness, health, quality of life and overall wellbeing
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Featuring: Larry Brun - Equinox from california


138 trainers in 106 cities

Skiing is a physical activity in which participants use skis attached to their feet to glide down mountains covered with snow
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Featuring: Stephen Burmann from Benicia, CA 94510-3642


118 trainers in 89 cities

Snowboarding is a physical activity in which participants use a specially crafted board with attachments for their feet to glide down snow-covered terrains
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Featuring: Mac Dodds from Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


211 trainers in 142 cities

Soccer is a competitive sport in which two teams compete to kick a spherical Soccer ball into their opponent’s goal
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Featuring: Joe Schmidt from Lenexa, KS 66216


136 trainers in 102 cities

Softball is a modified version of baseball; it is played between two teams of nine that take turns batting and fielding on diamond shaped field with four bases
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Featuring: Katie Santos from Lafayette, CA 94549

Speed and Agility Training

365 trainers in 117 cities

Speed and Agility Training refers to the combined training to improve ability to complete a movement quickly and change body’s direction efficiently
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Featuring: Felix Tsatryan - Equinox from 16830 Ventura Blvd Encino California 91436

Sports Conditioning

3036 trainers in 721 cities

Sports Conditioning is the process of increasing strength and endurance by following an exercise regimen and diet that provides preparation for a sport
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Featuring: Regan Case from Cumming, GA 30040

Sports Medicine

1 trainer in 1 city

Sports Medicine is the branch of medicine specializing in the science of athletic nutrition and physical fitness and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of athletic injuries
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Featuring: Luis Echeverry from Tampa, FL 33605-5223



1 trainer in 1 city

Sprints are a form of running where the runner exerts maximum effort over a short distance
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768

Strength Training

2531 trainers in 428 cities

Strength Training refers to physical exercise that increases the ability to exert a force against a resistance to produce muscular contraction
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Featuring: Justin La Plante - bodyFi from San Francisco California 94133


60 trainers in 51 cities

Surfing is a physical activity in which participants stand on a surfboard to ride the surface of water, specifically the forward face of a moving wave
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Featuring: Christine Le Monde from venice, CA 90291


242 trainers in 172 cities

Swimming is an aquatic physical activity in which participants propel their bodies through water using their limbs and muscles
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Featuring: Istvan Javorek from Leawood, KS 66224


220 trainers in 144 cities

Tennis is a sport that is played individually against one opponent or with two teams of two and each player uses their racket to hit a tennis ball over a net onto the opponent’s side of the court
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Featuring: Victoria Harris, CWC, PFT from Jasper, FL 32052


1611 trainers in 556 cities

Toning refers to physical exercises that facilitate the process of increasing strength and firmness of muscles
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Featuring: Stacie Mountain from bentonville, AR 72712


1 trainer in 1 city

Track is the athletic competition based on running and is won by the runner with the fastest time
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Featuring: Brittney Kindle from Canton, GA 30114


828 trainers in 376 cities

TRX is a method of strength training that uses suspension through a system of ropes, known as the TRX suspension trainer, that work against one’s own body weight
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Featuring: Scott Larkin from Auburn, AL 36832

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