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152 trainers in 104 cities

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players compete to hit a volleyball with their hands over a net onto the opponent’s side of the court
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Featuring: Megan Lusardi from Boulder, CO 80301-1122


2 trainers in 2 cities

Walking is a physical activity and the locomotion that occurs when people move their feet and legs to produce a stride
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Featuring: Brittney Kindle from Canton, GA 30114

Weight Loss

2993 trainers in 710 cities

Weight Loss is the loss of body fat achieved by either expending more energy than consumed or reducing intake of energy
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Featuring: Markus Willard from Santa Monica, CA 90405


Well Being

1 trainer in 1 city

Well Being is the state of individual influenced by the complex combination of physical, mental, emotional, and social factors
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Featuring: Blaise Felice from northport, ny, 11768

Wellness Coaching

1140 trainers in 182 cities

Wellness Coaching is a client-centered process that empowers clients to take charge of their health by teaching skills and self-motivation to reach and sustain positive health goals
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Featuring: Elizabeth Germain - Super Sisters LLC from Encinitas California 92007

Women's Fitness

1594 trainers in 561 cities

Women’s Fitness is the state of optimum health of women achieved through regular physical activity and recommended nutrition
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Featuring: Brittney Kindle from Canton, GA 30114


75 trainers in 64 cities

Wrestling is a combat sport in which two opponents physically compete using strength and skills to achieve victory by gaining points or enforcing a submission of their opponent
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Featuring: Ramon Terry from Atlanta, GA 30309


350 trainers in 277 cities

Yoga is practiced as a system of exercise and relaxation that combines breathing techniques, meditation, and adoption of specific bodily postures, based on Hindu theistic philosophy
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Featuring: Summer Goodwin from Prattville, AL 36066-5680


201 trainers in 148 cities

Zumba is a dance fitness program featuring movements of Latin dance and aerobic exercises and combines cardio exercise, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility
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Featuring: Sherri Britt from Los Osos, CA 93402-3237

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