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Helping trainers and clients connect by providing a much needed organization of the fitness industry and increased footprint by having a personal training based social media profile!

Gender: Male
Languages Spoken: English
Fitness-Follow profile: blaisefelice
Expertise: My expertise lies in building muscle and losing fat while morphing your physique to meet your standards and providing an increase strength, overall fitness, lowered stress, and an increase in well being.
About Me:
My name is Blaise Felice I am 25 years old (born 1990) I was born and lived in Manhattan, NY until 1998. While I lived in New York City I attended a very prestigious school Hunter College Elementary which was filled with brilliant masterminds and prodigies. I was active in sports while in Manhattan playing little league notably with actor Dennis Leary's son, and Ice Hockey at Chelsea Piers with NHL legend Wayne Gretzky's son and at the time New York Rangers Defense man Ulf Samulesson's son. My family moved from Manhattan to Northport in the suburbs of Long Island where I attended public school until I graduated from Northport Senior High School in 2008. Upon graduation I attended local college Suffolk County Community College until I was in a life-threatening and altering car accident which forced me to drop out temporarily. While taking a hiatus from college is when I became a Certified Personal Trainer through the AAPTE. Staying physically fit and weightlifting and become regular for me by this time and I wanted to give myself the edge while being able to help others. One summer I decided I wanted to see the Gold Coast and moved myself, my girlfriend at the time, and a friend all out to California! While out there I worked at a Gold's Gym as a personal trainer candidate recruit and LA Fitness as a Fitness Assessor, until I found work closer to home. In California I resided in Venice, training on Muscle Beach and the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Venice Beach Gold's Gym. It was a short lived stay but I returned to New York. Time had passed as always and while doing so I was working as a salesman for a family business while continuing my personal training. It wasn't until 2012 when my mother has passed away at the delicate age of 47 that I decided I wanted to really put my training in gear, and began calculating and planning how to launch a serious personal training business that stood out amongst others and steered clients to me rather than their local gym. While concocting on an annual family trip to South Beach in Miami, it was during that trip I knew the best way to get noticed is by networking,organization and execution. Upon my return I started www.PersonalTrainersOf.com! It became clear that the fitness industry and my peers needed a better organized online network to brand themselves and be found by clients! I not only wanted to help myself but anyone who was in a similar position as myself by giving a one stop, be known place to host us all!
Degrees and Certifications:
Years of Experience: More than 5 Yrs
Certification: CPR
Pricing per hour: $
Training Since: 2006
Training with friends, peers, family and professionally since 2008!
Profession: Personal Trainer, Internet CEO
Favorite Exercises : Where to start? All of them! I have ones I really love to do because I love to do them, and others I love to do because I hate doing them but love them because that's part of training and I know the results are always worth it!
Personal Records:
As of 2016

Flat Bench Press with a barbell - 365Lbs (off the rack to my chest and back up all alone!)

Squat - 425lbs

Deadlift - 515lbs
Gym Affiliation: Gold's, Retro, LA Fitness, Synergy, Powerhouse
 training/dieting/cooking philosophies/principles/ideas/feelings/thoughts/tips/advice:
This is my favorite thing to answer. Where do I begin? First off let me start by saying how important physical exercise is, that without any it could be detrimental to your health. Secondly I'll follow it up with resistance training with weights is the best, most natural, most effective way for ANYONE to shape, mold, strengthen and enhance your body!

With that being said always train with intensity and determination! Your mind will always be the most powerful tool in exercise!

A full range of motion is always most important in performing an exercise using your body to its fullest to execute the motion to gain the most out of it!

Train proportionately, example, your back is the biggest muscle group on your body therefore you should be worrying about training that the hardest as its development will bring everything else together as long as you train the other muscles equally as hard. You should not be doing 8 chest exercises and two back exercises in order to get the V-cut abs with the pecs sitting on top of them!

Never slack legs! If body fat is what you're trying to lose or strength is what you're trying to gain plenty resides in the lower half of your body!!

Every part of your body must be intact and even to perform the best! If you have on specific area you want to change you must change every last muscle to achieve your goal! Think of it as working your back end in order to produce what you want on the front end! You can't have biceps without calves!

Consistency is key with anything, diet and exercise included!

Rest is important, DO NOT overtrain!

You must exercise your insides to produce results on the outside!

Offered Deals: Call and find out!
Training Packages: Call to find out!
business terms (ex. no refund on training packages purchased): Call and learn!
Trains In: Gym, Studio, Personal Studio (designed by trainer), Outdoors
Play Music While Training: Yes
Trains: Children, Adolescents , Adults, Seniors
Offers Gift Certificates: Yes
Offers 30min Sessions: No

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