183 trainers in 119 cities

Baseball, or America’s Pastime, is a game which involves a bat and ball where players take turns using the bat to hit the ball to gain position on bases, which are stations of safety from being outed or eliminated from play, in order to score by passing and touching each base until you reach home plate, the base at which you began.
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Featuring: Brian Seelos from Athens, GA 30605


1276 trainers in 478 cities

Bodybuilding is the art of using resistance training to mold and sculpt your body in its most muscular form.
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Featuring: Ramon Terry from Atlanta, GA 30309


591 trainers in 287 cities

Boxing is a sport where two individuals are placed in a roped ring wearing gloves throwing punches at one another in order to weaken and knock down their opponent.
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Featuring: Ramon Terry from Atlanta, GA 30309


582 trainers in 301 cities

Cycling is a form of exercise which is performed with the use of a bicycle.
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Featuring: Matthew Orlando from Marietta, GA 30309


23 trainers in 23 cities

Diving is a sport where individuals leap into water off of a board, while focusing on form and execution.
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Featuring: Megan Lusardi from Boulder, CO 80301-1122


292 trainers in 171 cities

Football is an American sport where two teams compete in a game with a brown oval ball played on a field divided into four quarters.
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Featuring: Daniel Gaita from Bethel, CT 6801


230 trainers in 146 cities

Golf is a sport which is performed by an individual or in teams, played on an outdoor course Golf involves the hitting of small balls off of a tee with the use of iron clubs.
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Featuring: Bryce Ready from Orlando, FL 32819


71 trainers in 66 cities

Hockey is an ice sport where two teams wearing skates and holding a specially designed sticks play against each other with the purpose of getting a cylindrical puck into the opposite team’s net.
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Featuring: Paula Owens from Phoenix, AZ 85044

Ice Skating

43 trainers in 38 cities

Ice Skating is a physical activity where an individual will wear ice skates to move across a surface comprised of ice.
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Featuring: Michelle Reiter from Studio City, CA 91604


3261 trainers in 655 cities

Kickboxing is a martial art and combat sport that involves two opponents standing using their legs and fists to attack their opponent and defend themselves.
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Featuring: Lucila Perez from Guaynabo, PR 969


51 trainers in 39 cities

Lacrosse is a contact sport played on a field by both men and women, in different leagues, where two teams equipped with sticks with netted heads capture a midsize ball and aim to score on the opposing teams net.
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Featuring: Istvan Javorek from Leawood, KS 66224

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

141 trainers in 94 cities

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport in which two opponents battle using a repertoire of different forms of Martial Arts and other combat techniques.
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Featuring: TOMMY MIMS from Suwanee, GA 30024

Muay Thai

2 trainers in 0 cities

Muay Thai is a combat sport that comes from Thailand involving two opponents who are in standing position using striking and clinching techniques in order to defeat the other opponent.
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Featuring: Michael Golden - Plus One Defense Systems from 9 Tolles Street West Hartford Connecticut 6110


112 trainers in 95 cities

Rowing is a sport in which participants use oars to propel a boat through water.
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Featuring: Aaron Varcasio from Arvada, CO 80003


211 trainers in 142 cities

Soccer is a competitive sport in which two teams compete to kick a spherical Soccer ball into their opponent’s goal.
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Featuring: Aaron Varcasio from Arvada, CO 80003


136 trainers in 102 cities

Softball is a modified version of baseball; it is played between two teams of nine that take turns batting and fielding on diamond shaped field with four bases.
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Featuring: Amy Jones from Overland Park, KS 66204-4746


242 trainers in 172 cities

Swimming is an aquatic physical activity in which participants propel their bodies through water using their limbs and muscles.
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Featuring: Julie Ashlock from Valrico, FL 33596


220 trainers in 144 cities

Tennis is a sport that is played individually against one opponent or with two teams of two and each player uses their racket to hit a tennis ball over a net onto the opponent’s side of the court.
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Featuring: Shawn Arroyo from San Ramon, CA 94583-7938


152 trainers in 104 cities

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players compete to hit a volleyball with their hands over a net onto the opponent’s side of the court.
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Featuring: LAURA SACHEN from Kansas City, MO 64114


75 trainers in 64 cities

Wrestling is a combat sport in which two opponents physically compete using strength and skills to achieve victory by gaining points or enforcing a submission of their opponent.
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Featuring: Mike Laiuppa from West Simsbury, CT 6092

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