Baseball, or America’s Pastime, is a game which involves a bat and ball where players take turns using the bat to hit the ball to gain position on bases, which are stations of safety from being outed or eliminated from play, in order to score by passing and touching each base until you reach home plate, the base at which you began. While at bat the other players opposite of your team are stationed in different areas of the field, who aim to catch the ball in midair, or pick up off the ground then throw it to the base the batter is running for in order to make an out or eliminate the player from the game temporarily. A riveting game, Baseball consists of 9 innings, sometimes more depending on score if there is a tie. Baseball is performed internationally from tee ball age to professional level. The most prestigious American league known as the MLB or Major League Baseball, is watched nationwide with a total of 30 teams of professional players, driven to win the World Series which is the leagues championship.

Victoria Harris, CWC, PFT

Istvan Javorek

Taylor Crane

Aaron Varcasio

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