Core Training


Core Training is exercise directed on achieving results in the Core or middle part of your body. Core Training will involve several different types of fitness training including, Body Weight exercises, and Calisthenics. Core Training will help strengthen your core, and rid you of fat in the area. Core Training focused on achieving a flatter, thinner, tighter, smaller core, which of course is the tummy area. Core Training will help to achieve the desired V-cut trim look. Core Conditioning not only is about the abdominal muscles but also focuses on the lower, lumbar part of the back, the glutes, or your butt, and serratus, which sits on the ribcage. Core Training will not just aid in the core, but promote results in the entire body. Core Training can be achieved with a number of Body Weight/Body Leverage exercises, as well as Strength Training, and Resistance Training.

Luis Echeverry

Joe Schmidt


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