Wellness Coaching


Wellness Coaching is a client-centered process that empowers clients to take charge of their health by teaching skills and self-motivation to reach and sustain positive health goals. It focuses on a wider view of health and wellness that educates and inspires clients to make long-term lifestyle changes. Wellness coaching assists clients to be autonomous and create self-determined goals, followed by how to implement, manage, and sustain their goals. It aims to intrinsically motivate clients to optimize health. Wellness Coaching is the deliberate process, in which people consciously make self-directed choices, regarding their lifestyle, environment, physical and mental health, and spiritual well-being, to achieve a fulfilling and successful existence while avoiding decision making which can cause a negative outcome. Wellness is multidimensional, incorporating physical, mental, social, spiritual, occupational, and intellectual dimensions. All of the dimensions are interconnected and contribute to increase quality of life.

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